Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New era (Marathi: Nava Kaal)

Sometime back I came across a scene which I thought would be a my statement on our political situation and the way I understand it. Where some of us are completely high on what we are doing in life, so much so that we don't really want to see or know what our politicians are doing to our country... to us. It was so ironic to see a man lying drunk right in front of a MNS's so call political information board which had Raj Thakrey's article (obviously in Marathi) that many were stopping and reading as they got in and out of the train station. Then I noticed that the name of this news paper that had the article was NAVA KAAL (new era) which I thought was quite ironic, as if this is the way we are going to see the new era. But then, I just clicked a snap that 'I' thought said something about my understanding of our political situation (but just a part of it). It's open for discussion...

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