Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dewarists 2011

( This post is a bit late but still. :P )

It has always been a mystery to me that how does one come-up with a tune or a song. I am sure all of us who are not musicians love some kind of music and wonder where it comes from? Life has been beautiful to me and I have had the privilege of being friends with some hardcore music lovers as-well-as some really beautiful musicians. And we have spent nights listening to Nusratji or Abidaji or more recently discovered Mukul Shivputra. And the mystery is still unresolved.

Had a great time shooting the series. As I was there in the very room when Shubhaji was trying different tunes to make a "Dur Kinara" with Swaratma or when Papon at 3:30 am went back to the recording room (which was Partho da's hotel room) and started working on the "Khulle da raab" and at that hour his voice was heavenly. I was there, and I was there with a camera.

On this project I made some friends who I know will stay for life, and the team I was working with was beautiful. :)
Hope you enjoy watching the following episodes.