Thursday, August 18, 2011

Palestinian refugee camp : latakia : syria

Nine months ago I was in Syria's port city of Latakia visiting the Palestinian refugee camps. Trying to understand the problems of a set of people who have been refugees for the past 60 odd years. Their third generation born in a country they can't call there own. And the situation was bad regular power cuts in the nights, not equal job rights and a constant feeling that they are at someone else's mercy. On 16th Aug  two days ago Assad's army launched a heavy gunfire on the refugee camps and reports are that thousands of palestinians have fled again...

(Most of the names have been linked to the Wikipedia pages for references.)

Here are some Photographs of the refugee camp in Latakia.

Latakian coast line (view from the camp)


Yasser Arafat supporter.

Third generation in Syria


A coffee shop called Jaffa. Named after an old palestinian city

Mohammad took me around the camp. Age: 20

Hamas office in camp.

Aid ship leaving for Gaza form Latakia's port.