Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Landscape to Long-shot

Just came back from an excellent trip to Ooty. Well, it was basically an assignment called 'Landscape to Long shot' that we have in the institute where first Rajiv sir takes us through this very well elaborated presentation on the great landscape artists from around the world (painters and photographers) and explains what makes a good landscape an excellent long-shot! (I love the name that he's given to the assignment) As his every class is, even this class was extremely involving and inspiring. Went to places like Pavman and Avalanche which where amazing! If u want to make a historical specially for it's war sequence - you have to see 'Avalanche'. We even had some wild buffaloes chasing our butt :) Posting some selected photos here, let me know what you think of them.

Below: The first thing I see as step off the train at Ooty :)

Is't she beautiful? Everything! her skin tone, her eyebrow, color of the bandej that she's wearing. Man if she looked at me like that I would be dead! :)

These are the landscapes and if you are wondering about the aspect ratio it's 16:9 ;)

Two panoramic photos taken at 'Avalanche'. 1st one stitched in Photoshop cs3(around 5 or 6 different photographs) and the 2nd one just put together in the same but thought it looked nice without a proper stitch. Not that they are great or anything but it would just give you an idea of how amazing the place was :)


  1. Wonderful pics, even the vertical non-stitched one. Btw what's the ring in the lake?

  2. hey! thanks :) and the ring in the lake is an old well. Don't know how old but it's a well. Cheers!

  3. I am assuming, this Rajiv Sir of yours is Rajiv Menon aka Minsara Kanavu aka Sapney and many other movie fame? Rajiv Sir hehe...Sapi am very happy for you, finally you are living your dream...rock on brotha! And I dont think I have to say this, is a given, great stuff dude.

    keep posting