Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mumbai edit

One fine day Hayden comes up to me and says that he wants some cool looking slides to project on a screen behind the band that he plays in. They were suppose to perform at some concert. Now I get hyper about it and say that I'll only make a video and that he's suppose to pay for the travel and other small expences. :P He discusses it with his band and says yes. Pamila aka pami has a new camera that she wants to play with. I tell her about this small project and she gets hyper about it. We decided and shot this on a Sunday.

Music is from the movie Aamir and it's been edited by Chandana.

Mumbai Edit from Swapnil Sonawane on Vimeo.

hmm... it's a bit long (11mins), but it's fun.
special love for pami and hayden who paid for it :P