Thursday, May 7, 2009


A beautiful place with some beautiful friends and my camera, nothing beats that combination!
I went to Puducherry (Pondi) last weekend, had heard about the place for so long,
about it's former French colony and the beach cafes! We even hired some bikes and went around the city, which was really great, though I wouldn't go so far and say that it was better than riding in Goa but even these rides are worth it. Went to Auroville for a while, I thought that the place was nice but not a kind of place that would really trigger me.

Walking in and around the french colony area was really good and it does give a feel that you are not in India but it doesn't last long, as u step out of those lanes you are back to what we best know as a city (peeep peep, honk honk) :P

While taking all the photographs below I somehow thought of including the pavement's into the frame. I think that's what binds the entire series together.


  1. All look beautiful. The light is different. The one that really works for me is aunty looking at uncle going away.

  2. I am glad that you like them. and the aunty-uncle snap is my fav too :)

  3. Aunty-uncle, the one with the little dog, the ones on the bench..Really good stuff!

    Oh and also the funny signs- Facial hair colour :P

    I should visit your blog more often :)

  4. who is Neel? Why is he replying on your behalf Swapnil? ;)