Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AH2 (Art Happens Here)

Ah2 was a project that I had started when I was in Ogilvy (Mumbai) in 2007. Had my office's small digi camera, a b/w printer and beautiful a MAC at my dispense ;) So I had a lot of fun doing this one. Basically as the title suggests I wanted to say that ART happens here, between us, all around us! All that you need to do is see it, eat it, conceive it, and you'll be amazed by how much pleasure you can get from the smallest thing around you :).

I just started taking pictures of every thing that came my way! Took pictures while coming to the office, in the office while we where getting briefed for some project ;), when i went out with my friends, took pictures of kids sleeping under the flyover at night, in the train... everything! And the fun part was that I would make small B/W 4"x6" prints with just a AH2 logo on it and stick them at the same place that I had taken the picture the day before. And it would be great to see them every day till somebody had put a poster or something on it :) but even that would be great because I would take another picture of the place and stick it on top of the poster again. It was like my open air art gallery. Some friends had started noticing these pictures stuck on wall and in the streets and it I would feel really nice when they came and told me about it.

I mostly treated everything in the frame as lines and not the subject itself, so composing was fun.

It was just an amazing experience.
As for the Bauhaus question: If one should tilt or not? I say tilt it all the way! :)


  1. Gosh Ia m seeing this for the first time...The pictures are simply amazing. It's so evidently taken by the same person.
    Lot of those remind me the good, bad and ugly time that i have had working at. Also, bunch mad "creatives" who made our lives really difficult...
    WELL DONE!.....or lets say......... IDeA APPROVED!

  2. hey! glad the idea is approved :) but it would be gr8 to know who approved it too :P

  3. Chal ab "Hawa aane de"

  4. I feel proud to say that I have had a first hand experience of this brilliance... Gr8 - I'll never forget this.